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Services Offered

Business Analysis

Your business could be suffering from profitability issues. Lack of growth (or too much of it) can be crippling. Changes in your local market can be affecting your bottom line or you may want to penetrate a new market, or offer new services. Business Assessment and Analysis is the only way to prepare ourselves for the changes that we need to make.

After a period of analysis we might find that the changes we want to make could be detrimental, or that there is a stream of revenue that is untapped. Don’t suffer from consequences or blindly struggle with change. RC Consulting Services will arm you with the knowledge and empower you with the systematic process you need.

Full Business Analysis: A one or two day visit will provide your business with a detailed examination of practices and logistics, an outside look at your “day-to-day”. Identification of your corporate culture and internal group dynamics will show how information flows and your business responds to pressure or change. All On-site Consulting service come with RC Consulting on retainer for one year, never far away as you implement your changes.

Remote Consulting: Recommended for our clients with limited issues to resolve, off- site consulting provides you with fresh perspective on the issue at hand. 4-6 conference calls over the course of the month will allow us to identify core issues, begin corrective actions and monitor initial results.

Retainer Program: It’s always nice to have someone you can talk to and just a phone call can make a world of difference. Keep RC Consulting on speed dial to monitor ongoing projects or generate ideas for new and changing businesses.

Educational Programming

Keeping your technicians educated, informed and up to date with industry trends and technology is only part of the equation. Your management team needs to understand the framework of a successful pest management program, not just the independent elements. The marriage between the technical and administrative elements of a pest control company is one of the most important relationships we can hope to foster. An administrative staff that understand the basics of technical programs and a technical staff that understands the needs of management are the foundation all great companies are built on.

Our educational programs are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a company recertifying a staff of 30, a regional or national association providing education for its membership, or a developing professional preparing to pass the ACE or other certifying exam, our educational programming will give you real results.

Information is presented as part of real world experiences geared to the audience’s learning style. We speak to you, not at you. For one on one or small group sessions, assessing learning styles and presenting information accordingly will promote retention and give you the framework to learn-as-you-go by tying knowledge to real-world examples.

Client Specific Consulting

Troubleshooting accounts or getting closure with a problem customer are key elements of a successful pest management firm. Sometimes getting an outside eye on your customer’s issues can shed light on situations or solutions that have been eluding you. Sometimes your customer may need to hear from an outside voice for the message to resonate with them. This service allows you to bring in a specialist to examine the situation, interview the client and offer solutions and ultimately resolution.

Some customers go above and beyond “standard service offerings”. Before selling a service program to one of these elite (and profitable) clients, you need to define it, understand it, instill value and foresee shortcomings.

RC Consulting’s Client Specific Consulting works with individual cases to get your company the results you need and the clients you want.

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